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2013-14 Academic Catalog 
2013-14 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Architecture and Building Technology - ARBT.AS

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The Architecture and Building Technology Degree is a two-year program of study that has been developed to build a solid foundation for continued study and professional exploration in the broad fields of architectural design and the construction related fields. It is a new degree program in the School of Engineering Technology. In the first year of the program, students develop basic graphic skills using free-hand drawing, technical drawing and computer aided design. Students become familiar with orthographic projection as well as three dimensional drawings and model building. Students develop architectural design skills by designing their own residential projects, demonstrating an understanding of building forms, passive solar energy and environmental concerns as well as estimating the cost of construction. In the second year of the program students will explore the architecture of public spaces, retail and commercial buildings and how the needs of the community are met through them. Students study in depth the role of International Building Codes and how codes will influence the design of a building. Construction materials and methods are explored in greater depth. Students continue to build their portfolio and develop their design skills through digital photography and a capstone course experience. The final presentation will pull together all of the students design and presentation skills with a final project that will be presented to their class and a visiting architectural design professional. The students portfolio will serve as part of the application requirement for placement in future architectural studies and career placement.

Upon successful completion of the requirements of the program, an Associate in Science in Architecture and Building Technology from STCC will be awarded.

Architecture and Building Technology Program Goals

Graduates of this program will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate the development of critical thinking and problem solving skills
  2. Demonstrate skills in oral, written and visual communication
  3. Demonstrate a knowledge of architectural presentations skills, including perspective, rendering, and illustration
  4. Demonstrate skill/competency in freehand drawing, architectural drafting, and computer aided design
  5. Apply mathematical skills necessary for the major
  6. Demonstrate a knowledge of architectural terminology, building structure, materials, systems and construction methods
  7. Demonstrate a knowledge of basic architectural design and building code principles for residential and small commercial projects
  8. Demonstrate knowledge of energy efficient, passive solar, and sustainable design
  9. Acquire an understanding of Design and Construction education and career options
  10. Demonstrate program competency by assembling a portfolio showcasing design skills and technical knowledge

(ARBT.AS) Curriculum

Total (ARBT.AS) Curriculum Program Credits: 65

Department Personnel

Name Title Office Phone Email
Warren Hall Faculty and Department Chair 17/203 413-755-4616 whall@stcc.edu

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