Dec 03, 2020  
2013-14 Academic Catalog 
2013-14 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Academic Programs

Effective for the Fall 2013 Incoming Class

Information Subject to Change

The STCC website is a convenient source of information for prospective students and for the general public. To allow for unforeseen developments that may occur along budgetary or other lines, the College reserves the right to add or delete courses and programs or to revise tuition, fees, and insurance requirements described herein.

Associate Degree Programs and Options

Degrees programs and their options are courses of study that lead to a career or transfer to a four-year college or university. Degrees require the completion of a minimum of 60 college-level credits that include courses in the major and general education. Most degrees may be completed while attending full or part time.

Certificate Programs

These programs provide training for entry-level career positions. They are designed to assist individuals wishing to develop marketable skills and who need rapid entry into the job market. Certificate of Completion programs require 24 - 29 college-level credits, while Board of Higher Education-approved Certificates require 30 + credits which in many cases can be applied to a degree program at the college.