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2018-19 Academic Catalog 
2018-19 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

School of Liberal and Professional Studies

 Students celebrate on Commencement evening.

The School of Liberal and Professional Studies (LAPS) serves virtually every student who enrolls at Springfield Technical Community College.  Whether the student is looking for an education that provides career training, the ability to transfer to a baccalaureate program, or is exploring his/her options, LAPS offers the most flexible options for our students.

At the heart of LAPS is the General Studies program.  General Studies allows students the ability to create a flexible program that comprises the basic components of a liberal arts education: composition, behavioral/social sciences, humanities, mathematics, science, and computer literacy.  Oftentimes referred to as General Education requirements, these core classes allow our students to develop a broad understanding of how to acquire knowledge from various sources to find truth.  The concept of the liberal arts has a rich history spanning thousands of years and is imperative in developing an informed citizenry.  As students complete this General Education core, they will also have the opportunity to complete coursework that will help them achieve both future education and career goals (these courses are referred to as electives).

Housed with LAPS is our Business Department.  Our business programs provide students with skills that translate directly to the work place or can be transferred toward a four-year degree and, ultimately, an MBA.  Students are trained in marketing, management, entrepreneurship, and accounting practices that will make them sought after by employers and four years institutions alike.  Our business faculty are not only educators, but practitioners in their respective fields and bring real-world skills into their classrooms.  Our Business Transfer program guarantees graduates junior level status upon transfer to participating Massachusetts State Universities, as well as other private colleges and Universities. 

LAPS houses both Fine Arts and Theater Arts.  We offer a robust Fine Arts program with a number of studio art options that include, but are not limited to, printmaking, drawing, painting, photography, and digital arts.  The Amy H. Carberry Gallery hosts exhibition space for local, national, and student artists and is always changing.  Each semester The Gallery Players, our theater group, sign up for College Theater Workshop and synthesize a remarkable production.  The arts are alive and well at STCC!

LAPS offers a number of degree and certificate programs that provide students with both transfer opportunities and real world skills that they can use immediately in their career.  The Department of Office Information Technology houses two degree granting and multiple certificate programs that allow our students to be the hub of the professional centers in which they work, and each (such as Medical Office Administrative Assistant) are specialized to provide the skills necessary to be a vital center of office life.  Early Childhood Education will prepare students with the skills they need to work teaching our youngest members of society; courses within this area satisfy the requirements for state certification.  Both Elementary and Secondary Education options allow transfer options to students after their preliminary coursework to become an educator is completed.

Public Service programs also find their home in LAPS.  Urban Studies provides students with training that prepares them to be leaders in our great city having completed a capstone project that brings students into the streets of Springfield.  These students are trained in aspects of culture, public policy, and problem solving skills that affect the modern urban environment. Our Criminal Justice program offers three different options including an immediate career option, a transfer option, and a certificate.  The Human Services/Social Work program will allow students to learn the skills to work immediately in the Human Service field following a semester-long practicum.  It also allows for immediate transfer to local colleges and universities.   The Applied Psychology program trains our students with the skills needed to work in the rapidly growing field behavioral health while they experience a 90 hour internship to demonstrate both the behavioral health and medical skills they have learned along their journey.  Additionally, this program allows students to transfer with junior status to one of the Massachusetts Universities or the UMASS system.

The School of Liberal and Professional Studies is overseen by Interim Dean Richard Greco.


The departments within the School of Liberal and Professional Studies are listed below. Select the “Go to information” link for a list of that department’s course offerings, or select from the “Programs” list to see degree or certificate offerings within that department.

Arts, Visual and Performing

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Business Administration

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College Success

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Criminal Justice

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Developmental English

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English As a Second Language

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Liberal Arts Transfer

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Liberal Arts/General Studies

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Office Information Technology

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Political Science

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Teacher Education Transfer

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World Languages

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