Jul 08, 2020  
2017-18 Academic Catalog 
2017-18 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


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MET-141 - Materials Science

3 credits
The Materials Science course will provide the student with knowledge of engineering materials including Metals and Metal Alloys, Polymers, Ceramics and Composites. The course begins with a study of the categories and properties of engineering materials used in current design and manufacturing. Mechanical and physical properties are explored in detail including property enhancement techniques. Introductory concepts of metallurgy are explored so that students gain understanding of the relationship between metal microstructures and mechanical behavior. Students are taught the basics of material selection from the vast choices of available engineering materials including use of material databases. The course includes optional field trips to local materials testing laboratories.

Prerequisite(s): MAT 087  (minimum grade C) or placement at higher level on the math placement test.

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