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2017-18 Academic Catalog 
2017-18 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


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TCM-105 - Active Directory

3 credits
This course provides students with the knowledge and skills necessary to install, configure, and administer Microsoft Windows Active Directory services. Active directory is used to provide a network “single sign on” network service that allows a large number of desktop and server computers to be managed from a centralized location. The course also focuses on implementing Group Policy and understanding the Group Policy tasks required to centrally manage users and computers. Students will design and implement their own Active Directory, design a system for an organization, and be able to replicate and backup the configuration. After creating an Active Directory domain controller, students will create and assign users, groups, permissions, rights, policies and profiles. To perform well in this class the student should be familiar with Microsoft Windows and some basic TCP\IP networking. CSCO-100  and CSE-150  are recommended prerequisites if the student does not have this background.

Prerequisite(s): Senior Standing in TCM.

Course previously known as: TCOM-336

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