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2017-18 Academic Catalog 
2017-18 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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ELE-165 - Embedded Controllers Lab

1 credits
This course will begin with a brief introduction to number systems and simple Boolean logic operations and devices. The course will then introduce and concentrate on the use of PICs peripheral interface controllers) in modem day systems. A PlC is a self-contained computer system on an integrated circuit chip, consisting of input & output ports, RAM & ROM, and a CPU core that is usually RISC based. Students will first learn how the PlC’s can replace simple combination logic circuits and then build upon this knowledge to have them perform more complex tasks. The student will program the PlC using a high-level language (BASIC), communicate between the PlC & the PC via serial ports (RS-232 & USB) and evaluate, debug and modify their programs. Students will use the PlC’s to implement combinational and sequential logic designs, simple data acquisition operations, investigate output types and simple open and closed-loop feedback control systems.

Prerequisite(s): MAT-087  

Corequisite(s): ELE-160  

Course previously known as: ESET-266

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