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2014-15 Academic Catalog 
2014-15 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Finance - FINC.AS

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A study of the field of finance exposes the student to the sources and uses of money. Topics within courses include the raising of new capital, the efficient use of available funds, investing, money and banking, the Federal Reserve System and other basic studies related to the monetary system. Emphasis is given to analysis of financial statements as well as fiscal planning and management.

Upon the successful completion of requirements for this program, the degree of Associate in Science in Business Administration-Finance will be awarded.

Finance Program Goals

  1. Have the skills needed to develop ideas and make decisions based on proper research, analysis, and critical thinking.
  2. Understand the environment in which businesses operate including the major economic factors, legal requirements, ethical, and social forces.
  3. Understand the key actions taken to effectively and efficiently utilize company resources to achieve goals.
  4. Understand the actions taken to acquire and retain customers; produce goods and services; and measure/track financial performance.
  5. Understand the role of financial institutions, the Federal Reserve System, sources and uses of funds, investments, time-value of money, and fiscal planning and management.
  6. Communicate effectively, both orally and in writing.
  7. Conduct research from a variety of sources.
  8. Demonstrate computer literacy.

Core Business Curriculum

Total: 16 credits

Select one:

Total: 16 credits

Total Core Business Curriculum Program Credits: 32


  1. Math Recommendation: During semesters 1 and 2, students are advised to take two of the following three math courses: MATH-122  Applied Mathematics 1 or MATH-157  Calculus for Bus, Life and Social Sciences 1 or MATH-142  Statistics. In semester 2 students may also consider taking a humanities or a social science course.
  2. Humanities electives include art, college theater, foreign languages, music, speech, philosophy, and literature. Social science electives include history, political science, sociology, psychology, and economics.

(FINC.AS) Curriculum

Total: 15 credits

Total: 15 credits

Total (FINC.AS) Curriculum Program Credits: 62

Department Personnel

Name Title Office Phone Email
Christine Atwater Assistant Professor 2/229 413-755-4602 cratwater@stcc.edu
Rhoda Belemjian Professor / Tri-Chair 02/233 413-755-5706 rbelemjian@stcc.edu
Ann Gervais Professor 02/232 413-755-5705 apgervais@stcc.edu
William Herd Adjunct Faculty 02/220 413-755-4066 bherd@stcc.edu
Gail Olmsted Professor / Tri-Chair 02/236 413-755-5751 golmsted@stcc.edu
Bob Rodgers Adjunct Faculty 02/230 413-755-4130 brodgers@stcc.edu
Anthony Rondinelli Assistant Professor 02/229 413-755-4316 arondinelli@stcc.edu
Diane Sabato Associate Professor 02/229 413-755-4836 dsabato@stcc.edu
Paul Thornton Professor / Tri-Chair 02/213A 413-755-5223 pthornton@stcc.edu


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