Oct 17, 2021  
2018-19 Academic Catalog 
2018-19 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Teacher Education Transfer - Secondary - EDSE.AA

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STCC has established joint admission with the Westfield State University School of Education. After completing the curriculum here you would transfer as a junior.

State licensure requires that Elementary and Early Childhood licensure students complete two majors before graduating from WSU. Your first major will be in education, and your second major in Liberal Studies, an interdisciplinary liberal arts major or one of the liberal arts disciplines: English, History, Science, Math, Economics, or Political Science in addition to others. Early Childhood Education majors may also select either psychology or arts as a second major.

Students seeking licensure to teach in middle or secondary school levels must choose a major subject (for which there is a teaching licensure) as their one major at WSU. These students will also need to complete the professional sequence of education courses for licensure at WSU.

Other colleges

If you are interested in obtaining licensure in teacher education at a four-year college other than Westfield State University, it is essential that you decide on the college to which you wish to transfer early in your career here. Obtain a catalog from the other college and bring it to your advisor for an advisor meeting. If you are undecided regarding a four-year college, you may wish to major in Liberal Arts Transfer (LTTR.AA) here, especially if you intend to go into secondary education.

Upon successful completion of the requirements for this program, the degree of Associate in Arts in Liberal Arts Transfer will be awarded.

(EDSE.AA) Curriculum


  1. Students planning to major in Mathematics at Westfield State University (WSU) should complete MAT-131  or MAT-132 . Students planning to major in General Science at WSU should complete MAT-130 , MAT-131  or MAT-132 .
  2. Students planning to major in Biology at WSU should complete BIO-201  or BIO-202 . Students planning to major in General Science at WSU should complete CHM-111 , CHM-112 PHY-221 , PHY-222 , PHY-231  or PHY-232  .
  3. Students planning to major in English at WSU should choose ENG-205 , ENG-206 , ENG-210  or ENG-211 .
  4. Major choices include Biology, Business Administration, Chemistry, English, History, Mathematics and Physics. Students should consult the current STCC to WSU course equivalency guide to choose courses that will transfer into their intended major at WSU (www.westfield.ma.edu).

Department Personnel

Name Title Office Phone Email
Linda Prystupa Professor/Department Chair 13/338 413-755-4305 ljprystupa@stcc.edu


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