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2015-16 Academic Catalog 
2015-16 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

General Studies - LTGS.AA

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The General Studies Department services a large population of students who are headed in different directions academically. To accommodate the various transfer needs of these students, the department has several program options. In each option there are courses listed which will assist the students to complete the requirements necessary for the General Studies Transfer degree or another on campus program of choice.

There is a very flexible curriculum leading to the transfer degree. This curriculum includes requirements which will transfer as liberal arts courses at four-year colleges. Because of the number of general electives included in the curriculum, students may enroll in additional courses of choice from the humanities, social sciences, math, and sciences departments. An additional benefit of the general elective courses is that courses from other schools on campus (Business and Information Technologies, Engineering Technologies, Health Sciences, and Nursing) will count toward the degree and will transfer under the Commonwealth Transfer Compact agreement we have with the four-year state colleges and the University of Massachusetts.

Since many General Studies students are seeking acceptance into other on campus degree programs, the department offers several other preparatory curriculum options. These options allow students to complete course prerequisites necessary to gain acceptance into their on-campus department of choice. All options, which have been updated to reflect students’ priorities, are listed below with designated codes.

In addition, the department advises students who are undecided about specific academic or career direction. Professional advisors or faculty advisors assist students with their course schedules while suggesting other resources on campus to assist them to explore future educational endeavors.

Upon successful completion of requirements for this program, the degree of Associate in Arts in Liberal Arts/General Studies will be awarded.

General Studies Program Goals

The General Studies Program will produce graduates who:

  1. May transfer courses as equivalents of prerequisites for junior and senior level courses in their majors at the senior institution.
  2. May transfer to senior institutions with most general education requirements for the senior institutions completed, or
  3. May transfer to other programs with most general education requirements completed.
  4. May transition to workplace situations with associate-degree status.
  5. Demonstrate critical thinking skills.
  6. Demonstrate oral and written communication skills.
  7. Demonstrate modern research methods.
  8. Demonstrate computer literacy.

The General Studies cores reflect these student priorities, offering curriculum and support services in program options as follows:

LTGS.AA -Transfer Option: for the student electing one of the degree or transfer programs

Academic Advising and Counseling

General Studies advising staff and faculty advisors assist students in making academic decisions, pursuing program objectives, completing graduation requirements, or assist student in transferring into career programs at STCC. Students should refer questions to their assigned advisor.

General Studies Program Information Booklet

Published yearly, this Handbook of Liberal Arts Transfer and General Studies Programs 2013-14  summarizes pertinent information about school procedures, and serves as the student’s personal record of courses completed toward a degree or transfer into other STCC programs.

(LTGS.AA) Curriculum

Total (LTGS.AA) Curriculum Program Credits: 60


1. Except MAT-100  and MAT-126 . All Mathematics courses must be at 100 level or higher to fulfill program requirements.

2. Except BIO-103 .

Degree Preparation Options

  • HTHC.AS  - Pre-Health Option: for the student contemplating application to a program in the fields of Health Sciences
  • ENGC.AS  - Pre-Engineering/Science Transfer Option: for the student planning to major in the Science Transfer Option or to prepare for the Engineering Transfer program of the College


  • UNDC.NM - Non-Matriculating Option: for students not currently seeking acceptance into a program

Assessment and Placement Testing

Both transfer and career programs require effective reading comprehension and English skills as well as a foundation in mathematics and science. Therefore, course assignments in these areas are based on the student’s performance in a series of placement examinations taken after acceptance, but prior to scheduling and registration. Placement tests in mathematics, English, vocabulary development and reading comprehension are required of all entering students. It must be noted that, as prerequisites for college-level work, some courses may be required that are not acceptable toward the General Studies degree. Listed below are the developmental courses available which may be required as prerequisites for college-level work.

  • ERDG-081 , ERDG-084 ESL-088  Effective Reading for Bilinguals
  • DRG-091  Reading Level 1, DRG-092  Reading Level 2,
  • DWT-099  Review for College Writing
  • EESL-080  English As a Second Language 1, EESL-083  English As a Second Language 2, ESL-084  English As a Second Language 3
  • ECNV-082  Basic English Conversational Skills 1 (Bilingual)
  • ECNV-085  Basic English Conversation Skills 2 (Bilingual)
  • ESL-086 ESL-096  Basic Writing Skills for Bilinguals
  • MAT-071 , MAT-072 , MAT-073 MAT-078  Basic Arithmetic
  • MAT-081 , MAT-082 , MAT-083 MAT-087  Elementary Algebra
  • MAT-091 , MAT-093 , and MAT-097  Intermediate Algebra
  • BIO-090  Basic Biological Science

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