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2015-16 Academic Catalog 
2015-16 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Medical Laboratory Technician - CLLS.AS

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The Medical Laboratory Technician Program is twenty-two (22) months in length and includes four (4) semesters of didactic work in addition to a twenty-four (24) week clinical practicum at an approved affiliate. Upon successful completion of the program, an Associate of Science Degree in Medical Laboratory Technician is awarded. Graduates are eligible to sit for the national certification exam but granting of the CLLS.AS degree is not contingent upon passing any certification or Licensure examination.

The primary goal of the Medical Laboratory Technician Program is to provide a quality education to the student, facilitating acquisition of the level of proficiency and competence required in the modern clinical laboratory.

This program is accredited by the National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Sciences, 5600 N. River Rd.
Suite 720, Rosemont, IL 60018-5119,
773.714.8880, info@naacls.org

Program Mission Statement

The mission of Springfield Technical Community College’s Medical Laboratory Technician Program is to provide a quality education to the health student with a focus on laboratory and phlebotomy skills at a level appropriate to meet the standards as set forth by NAACLS.

Medical Laboratory Technician Academic Requirements:

To continue in the progression of courses offered in the Medical Laboratory Technician program:

  1. Students must obtain a grade of “C” (73%) or higher in all courses within the Medical Laboratory Technician (CLLS.AS) curriculum.
  2. Students not meeting this requirement will be involuntarily removed from the program; their Medical Laboratory Technician status will be ended.
  3. Students will be terminated or denied a certificate of graduation if they do not complete the internship according to all Springfield Technical Community College policies.

Programmatic Technical Standard (PDF)

Upon successful completion of the program requirements, the degree of Associate in Science in Medical Laboratory Technician will be awarded.

Applying to this Program

All applications for consideration for acceptance into the program should be received by the Admissions Office in April of the application year.

Applicants must meet the following requirements:

  • Completion of high-school English (4 years) with a grade of C+ or higher and the qualifications to enroll in ENG 101 or  completion of a college-level English course with a grade of C+ or higher.
  • Completion of high-school Algebra 2 with a grade of C+ or higher and the qualifications to enroll in a college-level Math course or completion of a college-level Algebra 2 course or above with a grade of C+ or higher.
  • Completion of high-school Chemistry or college-level Chemistry course with a lab with a grade of C+ or higher.
  • Completion of high-school Biology or college-level Biology course with a lab with a grade of C+ or higher.
  • HS diploma or GED.
  • Work experience in the healthcare industry will be considered. Please submit a current resume or summary of work history with your application.



Applying for Re-Admission to this Program

Students who leave this health program before completing it may apply for re-admission.  Click here  for information about the re-admission policy and process.

Medical Laboratory Technician Program Goals

  1. Provide students with a high quality academic and clinical education in the field of Clinical Laboratory Science and General Education subjects.
  2. Insure that, upon completion of the program, students are competent at the career entry level and have the knowledge and background to successfully prepare them for employment.
  3. Provide a sense of responsibility and professionalism when interacting with patients, peers, fellow employees, and other health care providers.
  4. Communicate effectively and professionally and to prepare the student to function as part of a team and possess an understanding of their role in the healthcare team.
  5. Instruct students in the procedures, analysis and interpretation of laboratory tests so that they are able to perform laboratory tests competently, problem solve and think critically.
  6. Produce an understanding in the student of the importance of continuing education and professional awareness.
  7. Instill the importance of honesty and professionalism in the workplace.

Medical Laboratory Technician Program Outcomes

The design of the curriculum and activities undertaken by the faculty of the CLLS.AS Program should achieve the following outcomes:

  1. Produce safe, competent graduates who possess entry-level Medical Laboratory Technician knowledge and skills in clinical laboratory science.
  2. The three year passing rate of the graduates who choose to take the Medical Laboratory Technician certification examination will be at least 90%.
  3. 90% of the graduates who seek employment as a Medical Laboratory Technician will attain a position within six months of passing the national certification examination.

The STCC CLLS.AS program admits 14 students each fall semester out of an average applicant pool of 48; the acceptance rate is generally 30%. The average graduation rate over the past three years is 93.7%. Of the graduates who took the National MLT Certification Examination in the past three years, 96% have passed.

The program administers student didactic and clinical course surveys, clinical performance assessments, graduate opinion surveys, clinical and academic faculty surveys, advisory board surveys, employer surveys and aggregate data from the National Certification Examination to assess the effectiveness of the program. For the calendar years 2012 - 2015, 96.7% of the graduates who sought employment have reported they were able to secure a position within six months of passing the national certification examination. Some graduates choose to continue their education and do not seek employment.

Class of: Graduation Rate Certification Examination Pass Rates Employment Rate
2012 100% 100% 100%
2013 90% 100% 100%
2014 91% 88% 90%
3-year average 93.7% 96% 96.7%

(CLLS.AS) Curriculum

Total: 21-22 credits

Total: 12 credits

Semester 3I (Intersession)

Total: 1 credit

Total: 11 credits

Semester 4S (Summer)

Total: 3 credits

Total (CLLS.AS) Curriculum Program Credits: 67-68


  1. Students who anticipate continuing to a four year institution should take the transferable courses, BIO-231  AND BIO-232 , in substitution for BIO-120  AND BIO-114  which are not transferable. Substitution credits for BIO-120  and BIO-114  will be assigned only when both BIO-231  and BIO-232  are successfully completed.
  2. Course may be taken during the evening or summer.

Department Personnel

Name Title Office Phone Email
Carolyn Kozlak Assistant Professor 20/302R 413-755-5162 ckozlak@stcc.edu
Susan Schneider Professor/Department Chair/Program Director 20/302Q 413-755-4846 saschneider@stcc.edu

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