Oct 23, 2020  
2014-15 Academic Catalog 
2014-15 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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ESET-212 - Electronics for Technicians 2

3 credits
This course introduces the principles of embedded controllers, smart sensors and process control systems. Such components are the heart of modern day electronic and electro-mechanical systems and can be found extensively in fields such as automotive, HVAC, medical instrumentation equipment, remote monitoring (such as weather station and utility infrastructure), consumer/commercial/industrial electronics, high tech manufacturing processes, and anywhere sensors and data acquisition are required. Students will study complete systems including sensors, PIC controllers, motors, relays, actuators, indicators and display devices. Students will also develop an understanding of bus systems, control system feedback, electro-mechanical systems and simple programming concepts. Programming will be kept to a minimum as the emphasis will be on how the different components of the system connect and communicate. In the lab portion of the course students will build, test and trouble-shoot various PIC based sensor and actuator systems. Special emphasis will be place on systems that are directory applicable to consumer, industrial and commercial systems.

Prerequisite(s): ESET-112 ;

Corequisite(s): ESET-212L

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