Jun 01, 2020  
2018-19 Academic Catalog 
2018-19 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


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MET-267 - Advanced Engineering Applications

2 credits
This course is intended to help the student develop analysis and problem solving skills. Advanced problems in both CAD and CAM will be presented with the intention of student teams proposing various solutions to these problems.
Students will be required to work together with limited guidance from the instructor in an effort to advance their knowledge of CAD and CAM. In order to recognize the need for and engage in lifelong learning, students are required to research a topic in CAD or CAM not previously taught in the program and present a teaching demonstration to their classmates.

Prerequisite(s): MET-261  and  MET-230  (C or better; must have completed within last two years or with permission of instructor).

Corequisite(s): MET 267L  

Course previously known as: MECH-467

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