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2015-16 Academic Catalog 
2015-16 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


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ATO-121 - Advanced Control Systems

2 credits
This course focuses on the most up-to-date electronic computer-controlled systems used to monitor engine operating efficiency and emission compliance control devices. This is a course that the student will concentrate on drivability concerns that may or may not put on a CHECK ENGINE light or generate a diagnostic trouble code. These are some of the most challenging concerns to diagnose. Emphasis is placed on PCM strategy, and on the servicing and diagnosis of such systems as electronic distributorless ignition, coil on plug ignition, sequential fuel injection, air control, EGR systems, oxygen sensors, fuel trim tables and multiplexing as they relate to engine performance and drivability.

Prerequisite(s): ATO 113  

Corequisite(s):  ATO 121L  , ATO 122  

Course previously known as: AUTO-214

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