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2024-25 Academic Catalog 
2024-25 Academic Catalog

Health Science - HLTH.AS

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The Health Science program is designed for students who wish to explore career opportunities in healthcare.  Students in this program will learn about the multifaceted aspects of healthcare while they develop skills in patient care and safety, and receive hands-on training and professional certification in an area such as Sterile Processing, Patient Care Technician, or Emergency Medical Technician.  While immersing themselves in the physical environment (the sights, sounds and smells) of healthcare, through the College’s SIMS Medical Center (a nationally recognized patient simulation facility), students will also pursue essential coursework in math, physical science and social science-coursework that is considered foundational for any health career.

If you are interested in pursuing a career in Nursing, visit our Foundations of Nursing webpage, a subset of the Health Science program. 

Program of Study 

Year 1 - Program of study includes coursework designed to provide students with early exposure to health career information and opportunities; a broad understanding of medical terminology; “soft skill” essentials such as professional behavior and communication, workplace safety, and punctuality; the “sights, sounds and smells” of a simulated health care environment; and basic first aid and CPR. The 1st year also incorporates professional certification experience that will provide students hands-on experience as well as skills that make them immediately employable in a healthcare environment. All 1st year students will also be expected to gain technical proficiency in basic computer skills and applications.

Year 2 - Students build upon research skills learned in English composition courses to study research methodology and topics including scientific method, hypothesis formulation and testing, and the objective and ethical evaluation of data. Students will also study legal and ethical principles applicable to health information, patient care and health records.

Three Pathways Approach

Upon completion of the program, graduates will be prepared to:

1. Enter a competitive professional healthcare program offered at STCC (Explore STCC Health Programs)

2. Pursue enrollment at a two-year, four-year or professional healthcare program at another institution 

3. Transfer to a Bachelor of Science in Health Science program to prepare for graduate-level work in fields such as, Physician’s Assistant, Physical Therapy, or Occupational Therapy 

Job Prospects for Health Science Majors

Click here for regional job opportunities in health support.

Click here for regional job opportunities in patient services.

Click here for regional job opportunities in community health work.

Upon successful completion of requirements for this program, the degree of Associate in Science in Health Science will be awarded.

Applying to this Program

Admission Prerequisites
  • Proof of High School diploma, GED, or HiSet required.

The Health Science program has specific health requirement paperwork that needs to be turned in to the Health and Wellness Center’s drop box before the start of classes.  Click here for the Health and Wellness Center dropbox.   

In addition before students can REGISTER for one of the certification courses (EMT, Phlebotomy, or Sterile Processing Technician)  ADDITIONAL health requirement paperwork must be submitted.  The required health paperwork can be found on the Health and Wellness website.  Once on the website, links to all of the certifications and the Health Science paperwork can be found. Click here for detailed information on the Health and Wellness website.



Additional Requirements for Accepted Students

Mandatory Health Records: All required health records, immunizations, and physicals MUST be filed in the STCC Health and Wellness Center by the first day of classes.  The Health and Wellness Center is located in Building 19, Room 177, the phone number is 413 755-4230.  Additional information and required forms can be found on the Health and Wellness Center website http://www.stcc.edu/healthservices. The college/program reserves the right to rescind the admission status of any student not meeting, as well as not submitting, all post-admission requirements in a timely manner. 

Background Check: College programs involving potentially unsupervised contact with children, the disabled, or the elderly, including fieldwork (a clinical affiliation, internship, externship, or field placement) with a private or public healthcare provider or daycare provider, will be required to undergo state-wide and/or national criminal background checks, including but not limited to: Massachusetts Criminal Offender Record Information (CORI) and Sex Offender Record Information (SORI), Seven (7) year residential Search, and FBI Fingerprinting checks. The purpose of the background check is to ensure a safe and protective environment for all clients, particularly members of vulnerable populations.

Students choosing not to consent to the required background checks will be ineligible to participate in fieldwork involving vulnerable populations. Ineligibility to participate in fieldwork may affect a student’s ability to successfully complete the program.

Based upon the results of the background checks, a student may be deemed ineligible to participate in academic or clinical activities, which may impact a student’s ability to successfully complete program requirements. Background checks are reviewed by the College’s CORI Board. The CORI Board determines eligibility to participate in academic and/or clinical activities. Students have the right to appeal the determination of the CORI Board by filing a written appeal with the Vice President of Student and Multicultural Affairs within 10 business days of receiving the CORI Board’s determination.

Furthermore, please be advised that eligibility to participate in College academic and/or clinical activities following a background check does not guarantee eligibility to sit for a professional credentialing examination(s) or for employment upon program completion. It is the student’s responsibility to contact the certification or licensure board for a particular healthcare or other service profession to determine the standards that must be met for credentialing, licensing and/or employment in that field.

The Health Science program requires a background check for only specific certification courses listed in semester 2.


(HLTH.AS) Curriculum

Total: 15 credits

Semester 2

Total: 16 credits

Total: 16 credits

Total (HLTH.AS) Curriculum Program Credits: 60-62


  1. Students must maintain a minimum grade of C in HSC courses except HSC-161/161L (minimum grade of C- is required for HSC-161/161L).  
  2. Starting Spring 2025, HSC-110 is a required pre-requisite to HSC-150.

Program Personnel

Name Title Office Phone Email
Cindy Fuller Department Chair/Professor 20/302N 413-755-4859 cfuller@stcc.edu


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