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2024-25 Academic Catalog 
2024-25 Academic Catalog

Physics Transfer - PHYS.AS

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Physics is that branch of science, which is involved in the study of matter, energy, force and motion and the inter-relationship of these aspects of nature. The field of Physics incorporates mechanics, electromagnetism, optics, and thermodynamics. Modern physics now includes several new areas of investigation, such as, quantum mechanics, relativity and nuclear physics. The study of physics requires a high level of aptitude and experience in mathematics.

Students interested in pursuing higher education in the field of physics should follow the prescribed curriculum below.

Upon the successful completion of requirements for this program, the degree of Associate in Science in Engineering and Science Transfer will be awarded.

Program Goals

Graduates of this program:

  1. Are qualified to transfer to a 4-year engineering or science-based curriculum.
  2. Are prepared to complete their Baccalaureate Degree in two additional years.
  3. Have developed critical thinking skills.
  4. Have developed mathematical methods of problem-solving.
  5. Can communicate effectively, both orally and in writing.
  6. Can conduct research from a variety of sources.
  7. Are computer literate.

(PHYS.AS) Curriculum

Total: 18 credits

Total: 18 credits

Semester 4

Total (PHYS.AS) Curriculum Program Credits: 65-67


Check curriculum of school you plan to attend to determine what this elective should be. Physics Majors planning on transferring to UMass, who did not take four-years of a foreign language in high school, should consider taking two semesters of a foreign language as humanities electives.

Program Personnel

Name Title Office Phone Email
Xiaoling (Sharon) Sheng Professor 17/327 413-755-4697 SSHeng@stcc.edu
Beth McGinnis-Cavanaugh Professor 17/339 413-755-4591 bmcginnis-cavanaugh@stcc.edu
Barbara Washburn Professor 17/333 413-755-4587 washburn@stcc.edu
Zahi Haddad Professor/Department Chair 17/309 413-755-4679 zhaddad@stcc.edu

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