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2023-24 Academic Catalog 
2023-24 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Internet of Things - IOT.COC

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The Internet of Things (IoT) Certificate of Completion concentrates on the rapidly expanding Internet of Things. The Internet of Things is a blend of electronic sensors or actuators, networks of small energy efficient computers, and the data centers used to collect the data from the IoT nodes or control the devices. IoT requires skills from engineering, electronics, security, and information technology. While these disciplines are typically separate and distinct, this certificate bridges the knowledge and skills necessary to create and administer secure Internet of Things systems.

IoT devices are becoming more common across a wide spectrum of industries. Examples of this evolving technology include energy & lighting controls for smart buildings, modern medical systems, automotive applications, security systems, environmental monitoring, smart manufacturing (Industry 4.0), and smart homes.

Certificate coursework includes a practical overview of the Internet of Things, networking and security for IoT, building IoT nodes from basic computing and sensors, and working with cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud, or Microsoft Azure. The IoT Certificate curriculum has been designed with the flexibility to bring novice students up to proficiency in IoT and to serve students with some knowledge in related fields. The pathways through the Certificate may be adjusted to the student’s background and educational goals. Electronics professionals or other industry professionals with a knowledge of electronic devices and sensors can expand their knowledge to include network communications, network security, and information technology tools and servers. Information Technology (IT) professionals can start with cloud computing, Linux or Python, or IoT networking components then work to understand the IoT hardware.

Minimum Grade Requirement: Students in this program must receive a grade of “D” or better in all courses, and a minimum cumulative 2.0 GPA for graduation.

Upon the successful completion of the requirements for this program, a Certificate of Completion in Internet of Things from STCC will be awarded.

(IOT.COC) Curriculum

Program Personnel

Name Title Office Phone Email
Brian Candido Professor/Chair 02/212 413-755-4876 BLCandido@stcc.edu
Edward Bigos Professor/Coordinator 17/637 413-755-4744 Bigos@stcc.edu
Andrew Collins Associate Professor 17/637 413-755-4544 AJCollins@stcc.edu
Gary Mullett Professor 17/635 413-755-4600 GMullett@stcc.edu

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