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2023-24 Academic Catalog 
2023-24 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Office Administrative Assistant Professional - OAAP.AS

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Office administrative assistants are seen as part of the management team and ensure the efficient operations in an office or a healthcare facility. Responsibilities interacting with customers or patients, managing calendars, preparing reports, and training support staff. Students customize their program for an administrative office or medical career path. Courses in this program include keyboarding, office procedures, general business, Microsoft Office, health information technology, and “soft skills” for career readiness.

Upon the successful completion of requirements for this program, the degree of Associate in Science in Office Information Technologies will be awarded.

Program Goals

At the completion of the program graduates will:

1. Communicate effectively using oral and written techniques

2. Apply problem solving skills to office scenarios

3. Employ multimodal composition with digital tools and platforms

(OAAP.AS) Curriculum

Total: 16-17 credits

Select one:

Total: 15 credits

Total: 14-16 credits

Total: 15 credits

Total (OAAP.AS) Curriculum Program Credits: 60-63


  1. OAAP elective choose 1 from the appropriate career track (2 total): 


    Office Administrative Assistant Career Path

Medical Administrative Assistant Career Path

    ACC-101 - Accounting 1     HIT-110 - Health Office Basics  
    BUS-105 - Introduction to Personal Finance   HIT-125 - Health Information Management  
    BUS-148 - Entrepreneurship   HIT-130 - Electronic Health Record  
    BUS-123 - Computerized Bookkeeping   HIT-155 - Health Claims and Insurance   
    BUS-151 - Federal Income Tax Preparation    HIT-255 - Law & Ethics in Healthcare   
    CMP-124 - PowerPoint Applications   
    LAW-214 - Business Law Essentials   
    MKT-101 - Principles of Marketing  
    MGT-101 - Principles of Management  
    MGT-220 - Human Resource Management   (Prereq: MGT-101)
    MGT-230 - Business Ethics  (Prereq: MGT-101)
    BUS-137 - Leadership, A Survey of Theories and Application   (Prereq: MGT-101)
    MGT-260 - Organizational Behavior  (Prereq: MGT-101)

2. Students are required to earn a minimum of 60 credits.

Program Personnel

Name Title Office Phone Email
Eileen Cusick Professor 02/228 413-755-5702 cusick@stcc.edu
Reneé Tetrault Professor 02/224 413-755-4099 rgtetrault@stcc.edu
Ann Gervais Professor/Department Chair 02/232 413-755-5705 apgervais@stcc.edu


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