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Fire Protection and Safety Technology - FIRE.AS

Evening Program Only

The Fire Protection & Safety Technology program trains and educates competent leaders in fire protection, prevention, and administration, with coursework for individuals presently working in a fire-science occupation, or those seeking employment in this field.

This program prepares graduates for a variety of careers, including city, town and state firefighting; military and airport first-responder positions; departmental or regional positions; fire investigation; and emergency medical services, where firefighters and medical technicians work closely together. There are also opportunities within the business and industrial areas, such as: hazardous materials, fire insurance-claim investigation, hospital fire safety, fire prevention inspection, and work with the National Fire Protection Association in fire investigation, as well as establishing and publishing standards.

Upon the successful completion of requirements of this program, the degree of Associate in Science in Fire Protection and Safety Technology will be awarded.

(FIRE.AS) Curriculum

Course NamecreditsTerm TakenGradeGen Ed
FST-102 - Principles of Emergency Services 3 credits
FST-103 - Principles of Fire Safety and Survival 3 credits
FST-110 - Bldg Construction 3 credits
FST-115 - Fire Behavior and Combustion 3 credits
FST-116 - Fire Prevention 3 credits
FST-130 - Fire Protection Systems 3 credits
FST-131 - Advanced Protection Systems 3 credits
FST-210 - Fire Protection Hydraulics and Water Supply 3 credits
FST-220 - Intro to Fire Investigation (Arson 1) 3 credits
FST-221 - Advanced Fire Investigation 3 credits
FST-230 - Hazardous Materials 3 credits
ENG-101 - English Composition 1 3 credits
PHL-120 - Critical Thinking 3 credits
MAT-100 - Contemporary Mathematical Applications 3 credits
EL-SCI - General Science Elective 3 credits
EL-SCIL - General Lab Science Elective 4 credits
ENG-105 - Fundamentals of Oral Communication 3 credits
EL-GEN - General Elective 3 credits

Select one:

Course NamecreditsTerm TakenGradeGen Ed
PSY-101 - General Psychology 3 credits
SOC-101 - Introduction to Sociology 3 credits

Select one:

Course NamecreditsTerm TakenGradeGen Ed
FST-141 - Firefighting Strategy and Tactics 3 credits
FST-142 - Legal Aspects of Emergency Services 3 credits
FST-120 - Principles of Fire Administration 3 credits

Total (FIRE.AS) Curriculum Program Credits: 61

Progam Personnel

Name Title Office Phone Email
Julian Tenczar Program Assistant 17/209 413-755-4596