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Civil Construction Management - CNST.COC

This program is designed to assist construction superintendents and supervisors to gain the professional skills necessary to successfully complete their professional responsibilities. The course of study offers management skills necessary for success in the civil/construction field. The program is designed for construction professionals to upgrade their skills while supporting first time employment in construction for mid-career professionals and young students.

The graduate of this certificate program will be prepared to estimate project costs, schedule building activities, monitor project control items, inspect field work, and use specialized software. Learning to manage a construction project effectively and efficiently could take your career to another level.

Upon the successful completion of requirements of this program, the Certificate of Completion in Civil Construction Management will be awarded.

(CNST.COC) Curriculum

Course NamecreditsTerm TakenGradeGen Ed
ABT-150 - Architectural Design 1: Design Process 2D 2 credits
ABT-150L - Lab: Architectural Design 1: Design Process 2D 2 credits
CET-115 - Construction Materials and Methods 3 credits
CET-120 - Construction Estimating 2 credits
CET-120L - Lab: Construction Estimating 1 credits
CET-220 - Construction Management 3 credits
CMP-106 - Computer Basics: Concepts & Applications 3 credits
ENG-101 - English Composition 1 3 credits
MAT-100 - Contemporary Mathematical Applications 3 credits
EL-BUSN - Business Department Elective 3 credits
MGT-101 - Principles of Management 3 credits

Total: 28 credits

Total (CNST.COC) Curriculum Program Credits: 28


Semester offerings are subject to change. Please see the current semester course catalog.

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Beth McGinnis-Cavanaugh

Professor/Department Chair



Cynthia Desellier