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Digital Publishing - DPUB.COC

Digital Publishing is a one year certificate. The curriculum designed to prepare students for careers in printing, publishing, advertising, and Web Design. The program courses cover a wide cross section of imaging technologies, from traditional printing and print preparation techniques through the latest digital processes, including Web Design. They combine a strong theoretical foundation with hands-on laboratory experiences in practical application.

Upon the successful completion of the requirements for this program, a Certificate of Completion in Digital Publishing from STCC will be awarded.

(DPUB.COC) Curriculum

Semester 1

Course NamecreditsTerm TakenGradeGen Ed
GAT-122 - Digital Workflow 2 credits
GAT-122L - Lab: Digital Workflow 1 credits
GAT-125 - Typography and Layout Design 2 credits
GAT-125L - Lab: Typography and Layout Design 1 credits
GAT-131 - Graphic Communications 2 credits
GAT-131L - Lab: Graphic Communications 1 credits
GAT-155 - Macintosh Operating Systems 2 credits
GAT-155L - Lab: MacIntosh Operating Systems 1 credits
GAT-162 - Digital Imaging-Photoshop 2 credits
GAT-162L - Lab: Digital Imaging-Photoshop 1 credits

Total: 15 credits

Semester 2

Course NamecreditsTerm TakenGradeGen Ed
GAT-150 - Introduction to Professional Photography * 2 credits
GAT-150L - Lab: Introduction to Professional Photography 1 credits
GAT-151 - Digital Photography/Studio Module * 2 credits
GAT-225 - Advanced Typography & Layout Design 2 credits
GAT-225L - Lab: Advanced Typography & Layout Design 1 credits
GAT-261 - Digital Publishing 2 credits
GAT-261L - Lab: Digital Publishing 1 credits
GAT-263 - Digital Illustration Techniques 2 credits
GAT-263L - Lab: Digital Illustration Techniques 1 credits

Total: 14 credits

Total (DPUB.COC) Curriculum Program Credits: 29


* Courses must be taken concurrently.

Department Personnel

Name Title Office Phone


Matthew Kriftcher Professor 14/211 413-755-4312
Cheryl Lukas Faculty 14/214 413-755-4307
Philip Ruderman Faculty/Department Chair 14/210 413-755-4324