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Electronic Systems Technology - ESET.COC

The Electronics Systems Technology Certificate is designed to give students the basic understanding necessary to assemble, test and perform diagnostics on today’s electronics systems. Student can complete this program in one year and may enter the program in either the Fall or the Spring. Upon completion of the Certificate, students may apply the majority of their coursework toward the Electronic Systems Associate Degree.

The “systems approach” used for today’s complex electronic and electro-mechanical systems consists of building block components and modules specifically selected and then integrated into a system. Repair technicians do not necessarily need to understand the complex theory behind each component in the system. Rather, they only need to understand the function and requirements of each component and be able to verify that it is performing to documented standards. Proper diagnosis and repair of these electronic systems can often be done simply by following a diagnostic flowchart or schematic diagram and having the ability to use common and dedicated diagnostic tools to find the faulty assembly and replace it. Students enrolled in the program will develop these skills as well as gain knowledge and experience with computer hardware and software, sensor and actuator technology, embedded control systems project management and have an understanding of the importance of manufacturing concepts such as Lean, Greenbelt, Blackbelt and Six Sigma.

Upon the successful completion of the requirements for this program, a Certificate of Completion in Electronic Systems Technology from STCC will be awarded.

(ESET.COC) Curriculum

Semester 1

Course NamecreditsTerm TakenGradeGen Ed
ELE-110 - Electronics for Technicians 1 2 credits
ELE-110L - Lab: Electronics for Technicians 1 1 credits
ELE-120 - Printed Circuit Design 3 credits
ELE-130 - Introduction to Project Management 2 credits
ELE-130L - Lab: Introduction to Project Management 1 credits
CSE-110 - Introduction to Computer Systems (Comptia A+) 2 credits
CSE-110L - Lab: Introduction to Computer Systems (Comptia A+) 1 credits

Total: 12 credits

Semester 2

Course NamecreditsTerm TakenGradeGen Ed
ELE-115 - Electronics for Technicians 2 2 credits
ELE-115L - Lab: Electronics for Technicians 2 1 credits
ELE-160 - Embedded Controllers 3 credits
ELE-165 - Embedded Controllers Lab 1 credits
ELE-180 - Instrumentation and Measurement 3 credits
ELE-180L - Lab: Instrumentation & Measurement 1 credits

ELGRP - Elective-CSE, ELE, LEO, TCM 3 credits

 Student must take one college level course, minimum of 3 credits from the following subjects: CSE, ELE, LEO or TCM.

Total: 14 credits

Total (ESET.COC) Curriculum Program Credits: 26

Department Personnel

Name Title Office Phone Email
Edward Bigos Professor/Department Chair 17/637 413-755-4544
Nicholas Bishop Electronic Technical II 17/613 413-755-4577

Andrew Collins Instructor 17/637 413-755-4578
Jeffrey Cooper Associate Professor 17/631 413-755-4578
Rick Jagodowski Professor / Electrical Engineering Tech. Dept. Chair 20/120 413-755-4594
Nicholas Massa Professor 17/637 413-755-4579
Gary Mullett Professor 17/635 413-755-4600
Eliano Soares Staff Assistant 17/219 413-755-4593
Peter Vangel Professor 17/637 413-755-4665