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Business Transfer - BTCM.AS

The General Business Transfer program has been designed to meet the MassTransfer requirements of the Massachusetts public universities and UMASS system, or those colleges that are accredited by the AACSB (American Assembly of Collegiate Schools of Business).

This program may be preferred by those wishing a greater mix of liberal arts, math and science courses. A total of 34 credits of such courses are required as compared to 21 to 24 credits in the College’s other Business programs. In addition, if you desire to transfer to a public state college or university that requires its incoming juniors to meet the Gen Ed Foundation (formerly, MassTransfer Block), then you should consider following this program. This curriculum meets the requirements for the MassTransfer A2B Pathway in Business.  (For more information about MassTransfer benefits, please visit

*Please note that this program is a specially designed transfer program and not meant for all transfer students. You should consult with your advisor or the college’s transfer counselor to decide which of the programs would best meet your transfer needs. This program is offered in an online option.

Upon the successful completion of requirements for this program, the degree of Associate in Science in Business Administration will be awarded.

(BTCM.AS) Curriculum

Semester 1

Course NamecreditsTerm TakenGradeGen Ed
ENG-101 - English Composition 1 3 credits
MAT-115 - Statistics 3 credits
MGT-101 - Principles of Management 3 credits
CMP-106 - Computer Basics: Concepts & Applications 3 credits
ACC-106 - Financial Accouting 4 credits

Total: 16 credits

Semester 2

Course NamecreditsTerm TakenGradeGen Ed
ENG-102 - English Composition 2 3 credits
FIN-101 - Introduction to Finance 3 credits
MKT-101 - Principles of Marketing 3 credits
MAT-127 - Calculus for Bus, Life and Social Sciences 1 3 credits
ACC-260 - Managerial Accounting 3 credits

Total: 15 credits

Semester 3

Course NamecreditsTerm TakenGradeGen Ed
ECN-101 - Introduction to Macroeconomics 3 credits
EL-SCIL - General Lab Science Elective 4 credits
EL-HUM - General Humanities Elective (Note 1) 3 credits
EL-BUSN - Business Department Elective (Note 2) 3 credits

Select one:

Course NamecreditsTerm TakenGradeGen Ed
SOC-101 - Introduction to Sociology 3 credits
PSY-101 - General Psychology 3 credits

Total: 16 credits

Semester 4

Course NamecreditsTerm TakenGradeGen Ed
ECN-102 - Introduction to Microeconomics 3 credits
EL-HUM - General Humanities Elective (Note 1) 3 credits
  • EL-HUM - General Humanities Elective 3 credits (Note 1)
  • EL-BUSN - Business Department Elective (Note 2) 3 credits
    EL-SCI - General Science Elective 3 credits

    Total: 15 credits

    Total (BTCM.AS) Curriculum Program Credits: 62


    1. Humanities electives include art, college theater, foreign languages, music, speech, philosophy, and literature.
    2. Any 200 level business department elective will satisfy this requirement. Consult with your advisor.

    Department Personnel

    Name Title Office Phone Email
    Christina Atwater Assistant Professor 2/229 413-755-4062
    Rhoda Belemjian Professor 02/233 413-755-5706
    Ann Gervais Professor/Co-Chair 02/232 413-755-5705
    Gail Olmsted Professor/Co-Chair 02/213A 413-755-5751
    Bob Rodgers Adjunct Faculty 02/230 413-755-4130
    Anthony Rondinelli Assistant Professor 02/229 413-755-4316
    Diane Sabato Professor 02/229 413-755-4836
    Paul Thornton Professor 02/236 413-755-5223