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Automotive Technology - AUTO.COC

The Automotive Technology Department’s Certificate Program is designed for those students who would like automotive classroom and lab training experience prior to entering the automotive workforce. You can earn this 28-credit certificate in one year.

This program is designed for students who want to work in the automotive service field without pursuing an associate degree. It will allow students to expand their knowledge of the automotive industry and to pursue careers as entry level technicians with dealerships, independent service facilities, machine shops, and corporate franchises in specialty areas including electrical systems, brakes, steering, suspensions, gas engine and drivability. All of our automotive classes are geared toward taking and successfully completing the ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) Exams. The following is a partial list of possible career opportunities for our graduates:

Auto Electrical Technician Emissions Technician Service Manager
Air Conditioning Technician Engine Machinist Service Writer
Brake and Front End Specialist General Repair Technician Technical Instructor
Drivability Technician Service Advisor Technical Sales Rep


Minimum Grade Requirement: The student must achieve a 2.0 QPA and remain in good academic standing as outlined in general college policy in order to graduate from this program.


Upon the successful completion of requirements for this program, graduates will earn an Certificate of Completion in Automotive Technology.

Applying to this Program

Applicant must be a high school graduate or have a GED.  Applicant must hold a current state-issued driver’s license. The applicant must have high school math and English grades of “C” (73%) or better. If the student does not meet the Automotive Certificate of Completion (AUTO.COC) program prerequisite, he or she will be required to complete the MAT-078 math course prior to starting the program.


(AUTO.COC) Curriculum

Semester 1

Course NamecreditsTerm TakenGradeGen Ed
ATO-111 - Brake Systems 2 credits
ATO-111L - Lab: Brakes 1 credits
ATO-112 - Climate Control 2 credits
ATO-112L - Lab: Climate Control 1 credits
ATO-113 - Electrical Systems 2 credits
ATO-113L - Lab: Electrical Systems 1 credits
ATO-114 - Introduction to Auto Service 2 credits
ELE-110 - Electronics for Technicians 1 2 credits
ELE-110L - Lab: Electronics for Technicians 1 1 credits

Total: 14 credits

Semester 2

Course NamecreditsTerm TakenGradeGen Ed
ATO-121 - Advanced Control Systems 2 credits
ATO-121L - Lab: Advanced Control Systems 1 credits
ATO-122 - Automotive Electronic Systems 2 credits
ATO-122L - Lab: Automotive Electronic Systems 1 credits
ATO-123 - Gasoline Engines Service 2 credits
ATO-123L - Lab: Gasoline Engines Service 1 credits
ATO-124 - Steering and Suspensions 2 credits
ATO-124L - Lab: Steering and Suspensions 1 credits
ELE-115 - Electronics for Technicians 2 2 credits
ELE-115L - Lab: Electronics for Technicians 2 1 credits

Total: 15 credits

Total (AUTO.COC) Curriculum Program Credits: 29

Department Personnel

Name Title Office Phone Email
Jesse Martello Assistant Professor 25/300 413-755-4640
Ramiro Soares Associate Professor/Department Chair 25/300 413-755-4603