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TV Production Technology - ACTP.COC

The Digital Media TV Production Certificate is designed for individuals with prior experience or course work in Communication, Multimedia or broadcast production who would like to either retrain or update and enhance their skills in the Digital Media field.

The Certificate will allow students to plan a course of study suited to their particular interests or needs related to Digital Media. The department offers state-of-the-art facilities; current software applications and course work to prepare individuals for broadcast jobs in the 21st century. The curriculum is laid out in menu style with several kinds of courses offered each semester. The student is required to take at least 12 credits in the Digital Media Production Department. The other 12-17 credits would be selected from the list below. Other courses not appearing on the list would be accepted with permission from the student’s advisor and Department Chair.

The student will need to complete a minimum of 24 credits to earn the Certificate of Completion, but could take up to 29 credits if he or she so chose.

(ACTP.COC) Curriculum

Major Course Choices

Student should take 21 credits from the following courses:

Course NamecreditsTerm TakenGradeGen Ed
DMP-110 - Writing for Electronic Media 3 credits
DMP-120 - Introduction to Video Production 3 credits
DMP-120L - Lab: Introduction to Video Production 1 credits
DMP-121 - Advanced Video Production 2 credits
DMP-121L - Lab: Advanced Video Production 1 credits
DMP-130 - Speaking on TV 2 credits
DMP-130L - Lab: Speaking on Tv 1 credits
DMP-141 - Film Structure and Analysis 3 credits
DMP-150 - Introduction to Digital Editing 2 credits
DMP-150L - Lab: Introduction to Digital Editing 1 credits
DMP-160 - Audio Production 1 2 credits
DMP-160L - Lab: Audio Production 1 1 credits
DMP-161 - Audio Production 2 2 credits
DMP-161L - Lab: Audio Production 2 1 credits
DMP-210 - Advanced Television Writing 3 credits
DMP-211 - TV Journalism 3 credits
DMP-212 - TV News Production 2 credits
DMP-212L - Lab: TV News Production 1 credits
DMP-220 - Digital Film Making 2 credits
DMP-220L - Lab: Digital Film Making 1 credits
DMP-221 - Digital Media Senior Project 2 credits
DMP-221L - Lab: Digital Media Senior Project 1 credits
DMP-250 - Advanced Digital Video Editing 2 credits
DMP-250L - Lab: Advanced Digital Editing 1 credits
DMP-252 - Digital Sound and Video Design 3 credits
DMP-225 - TV Production Practicum 2 credits

Total: 21 credits

Elective Course Choices

Student should take 6 credits from the following subjects: Arts, Visual and Performing (ARTS, MUSC, THTR), Graphic Communications and Photography (GRPH), Honor Program (HONR), or Marketing (MRKT). Please see your advisor for preferred courses. This is a fictional course and is for illustrative purposes only.

Total: 6 credits

Total (ACTP.COC) Curriculum Program Credits: 27

Department Personnel

Name Title Office Phone Email
Joshua Girouard Technical Assistant II 02/719 413-755-4205
Dan Misco Assistant Professor 02/717 413-755-4573
John Wakelin Professor/Chairperson 02/718 413-755-4194