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2014-15 Academic Catalog 
2014-15 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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GRPH-422 - Color Management

3 credits
In GRPH-422 Color Management the student will learn the basic techniques for setting up and evaluating the quality of a prepress system. The calibration of a closed feedback loop will be the heart of the course with special emphasis on color management techniques. The course will use CIE based color models as the foundation for color specification and tolerancing. Students will learn techniques for ensuring that the final printed output of printed materials is predictable and match the requirements of the job. Also covered will be such topics as dot shape, screen frequency, screen angles, moire’ output resolution, and stochastic imaging.

Prerequisite(s): Take GRPH-420  or permission of instructor;

Corequisite(s): GRPH-422L

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