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2023-24 Academic Catalog 
2023-24 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


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ABT-150 - Architectural Design 1: Design Process 2D

2 credits
An introduction to architectural design and technical Drawing techniques used to develop working drawings for Architectural projects. This course is the cornerstone course for all future architectural course work. Emphasis is on Residential design/construction and will use orthographic Projection (multi-view drawings) for floor plans, elevations, Sections, kitchen plans and interior elevations, furniture Plans and lighting/electrical plans. Students will have the Opportunity to design their own “vacation” homes, learn the Fundamentals of blueprint reading and use the blueprint Process to generate their own plans. The Massachusetts state Building code will be introduced. Students will develop a Portfolio of drawings that will be used as part of the Portfolio requirement for future architectural course work and professional placement. Two lecture and 6 lab hours.

Corequisite(s): ABT-150L  

Course previously known as: ARBT-150

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