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2022-23 Academic Catalog 
2022-23 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


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ABT-135 - Architectural CAD 2

2 credits
ABT-135 is a continuation of ABT-125  and expands the student’s knowledge of the Architectural Design field by using software programs such as Revit(C) Architecture. The student will learn to create virtual 3D models of houses and light commercial buildings. Students will transfer information from the virtual model which they have created to a working set of drawings with site plan, elevations, floor plans and building sections along with window and door schedules. Students will work with BIM (Building Information Modeling) software and use this program to create a BIM compliant project. Two lecture and four laboratory hours.

Prerequisite(s): ABT-125  

Corequisite(s): ABT-135L  

Course previously known as: ARBT-225

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