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2022-23 Academic Catalog 
2022-23 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


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PHY-231 - Classical Physics 1

3 credits
A calculus-based, rigorous physics course for engineering and science transfer majors, also called “Newtonian Mechanics”. It is the first of a required two-semester sequence [PHY-232 ] for engineering transfer students. Topics include kinematics, Newton’s laws of motion and conservation laws, applied to single particles, sets of particles and rigid bodies. Newton’s law of universal gravitation and harmonic motion will be discussed. Includes a three-hour laboratory each week. Honors component with permission of instructor.

Prerequisite(s): MAT-131  (minimum grade of C-) and ENG-095  or placement at college-level English.

Corequisite(s): PHY 231L   and MAT-132  

Mass Transfer Gen Ed Foundation: Credits earned in this course are counted towards the Mass Transfer Gen Ed Foundation’s Natural or Physical Science requirements.

Course previously known as: PHYS-132

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