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2020-21 Academic Catalog 
2020-21 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


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DAS-103 - Dental Sciences 1

2 credits
This course is primarily designed to educate students in all phases of diet, nutrition, and oral health. It is intended to familiarize students with the food groups and their daily servings. In addition to studying each nutrient and its basic function and food source, students will also distinguish among nutritional deficiencies and oral manifestations that the patient may experience as a result of his/her dietary habits. Additionally, the principles of nutritional counseling will be covered. As students’ progress, they will have a working knowledge of the techniques of counseling patients according to their specific dietary and oral health needs. Food labeling, technology and safety is included to aid students in choosing nutrient dense foods which are manufactured and technologically safe for the public to ingest. Various food safety practices will enhance your ability to store and to prepare foods in the proper manner to avoid microbial foodborne illnesses.

Course previously known as: DAST-105

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