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2020-21 Academic Catalog 
2020-21 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


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CSE-260 - Application Servers

3 credits

This course covers common server applications frequently found on Linux, BSD, and Unix servers. Application server technologies typically form the foundation for more complex information technology systems that require server databases, web servers, virtualization, and security monitoring software. Best security practices will be introduced throughout the course with the goal of building a system ready for deployment on the public internet. Topics of study include firewalls (iptables), database servers (MySQL,SqLite), web servers (Apache, Nginx), content management systems (Joomla, Wordpress), file sharing services (Samba,NFS), installing Docker virtualization containers, Common Unix Printing (CUPS), and server-side web technology (PHP). Students will install and configure the core Linux Server operating system, add the middleware necessary to support the applications, create a backup and recovery process, then install and configure the server applications. Students will be expected to install, configure, and secure their servers in lab. We stress the best practices for system administration, system security, backing up critical data, and system monitoring. No prior experience with databases, web servers or html is necessary. Linux command line and general Linux experience are expected.


Prerequisite(s): CSE-150  or permission of the instructor. Students are expected to have BASH command line and Windows desktop experience.

Corequisite(s): CSE 260L  

Course previously known as: CSET-480

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