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2019-20 Academic Catalog 
2019-20 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


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MKT-101 - Principles of Marketing

3 credits
This course emphasizes a well-rounded basic approach that provides maximum exposure to the role of marketing in today’s economy which is a marketing economy-not just for marketers of conventional products and services, but also for government, social institutions and social causes and the professions. To achieve this exposure, an overview is presented of the marketing process including marketing research, consumer behavior, market segmentation, target consumers, product strategy, packaging, branding, pricing and the promotional mix. The course will service two types of students-those who want a knowledge of marketing fundamentals, principles and activities to meet specific personal or professional needs, and those who plan a career in marketing.

Prerequisite(s): DRG-092  or DWT 099  (minimum grade of C-) and MAT 073  or MAT 074  or higher level on placement tests.  

Course previously known as: MRKT-110

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