Feb 28, 2021  
2019-20 Academic Catalog 
2019-20 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


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ENG-105 - Fundamentals of Oral Communication

3 credits
This course offers students opportunities to practice the fundamental principles of oral communication. These include but are not limited to preparing, organizing, and delivering various kinds of speeches; evaluating verbal and nonverbal patterns and habits; using vocabulary and tone appropriate to the audience and topic; and listening and responding to others. In addition to drawing from their own experiences, students will research and document information from diverse sources.

Prerequisite(s): DRG 092  or DWT 099  (minimum grade of C-) or placement at higher level on the reading or writing placement tests.

Mass Transfer Block: Credits earned in this course are counted towards the MassTransfer Block Humanities and Fine Arts requirements.

Course previously known as: ENGL-203

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